The Pyramid Scheme

The so-called Pyramid scheme has been one of the biggest factors to why the multi-level marketing companies have been tainted, even if they don’t practice this business model.  This scheme has a strong marketing tool that can get people quickly hooked, and it is only in the long run when they realize that they were fooled and lost money along the way. The Pyramid scheme is a huge temptation and is seen as an easy way for people to become financially stable. However, people tend to forget about credibility, and the background is checking the people who they invite them to that type of business because they get excited with the possible outcomes.  

 Pyramid Scheme

The business model of this scam benefits the one person who sits on top, as well as the next few generations of his or her downlines. The upline tries to present people business that allows them to earn money by two ways, first is selling products, and the second will be recruiting people. However, before they can start their work, they must invest money for the money’s operations, which every new member must do. Each line of people who can recruit new people will get a cut from the investment that is given to them, but what they do not know is that the rest is going to number one guy on top of the Pyramid.  

During the vasayo scam, a lot of people were influenced to join the team, and it was easy because people were so confident they could recruit people and earn a huge amount of money. However, since the majority seemed uneducated about this scheme, they were all surprised to see that the entire business just blew up on their faces. Since there is an unlimited number of people to join the program, it tends to get too big for it to become sustainable.   

This means that majority of the people who are in the lower level of the pyramids who invested a lot of money, probably won’t be to earn money, or even get a return on their investment. One of the main reasons is because the investments of all the people weren’t even used the proper way, so wouldn’t have been any progress of the so-called business even to occur. It is a time bomb, the guy on top will just milk the opportunity to horde as much money as possible, and just wait for the business to die on its own, leaving everyone lost.  

If you do not want to fall victim to this kind of scam, you must be familiar with the Pyramid scheme and know the features that show that it is a scam. When you are being invited to a business meeting, make it a habit not to give a decision right away, get all the details, and review the business plan and model before shelling out any amount of money. If you aren’t sure what you are getting yourself into, you can always ask friends and family what they think about the proposed building.  

Four Reasons Why You Should Hire a Tree Removal Service Professional

There are so many reasons why we need to remove a tree. It may be dead, diseased, pose danger to the septic system, yard or even our own home. When you have a trouble tree or you some kind of care for the trees like fertilizing or pruning, hiring an expert in tree care service such as can be one of the most important things you can make for your home. As a matter of fact, these are the four reasons why we should hire an expert in tree care service for the need of removing your trees.  

 Tree Removal Service

  1. Home Protection 

Even if you’re just involved in pruning, limbs and branches may fall onto your vehicle or home and cause damage, which is actually not covered by the insurance. On the other hand, miscalculation of which way the tree is going to drop, and you could be having a significant damage to the road, your home, or worse, your neighbor’s property. The expert and professional tree care service company have the ability and knowledge to make sure the work is done the right way. In addition to that, it has the proper insurance in case any mistakes occur. Just be sure that the company you are about to hire is bonded, licensed and insured.  

  1. Stay Safe 

When dealing with old, grown and tall trees, it will apparently involve heights and power equipment. Indeed, you can be fully capable of handling the problem by yourself, but in case of miscalculations and untoward incidents, you will definitely suffer the end results. A falling tree or even branches which you are pruning can cause injury, broken bones and worse, death. Same thing could happen with a malfunction power tool. Not only that, you will also pay for the hospital bills, and the suffering and pain that were caused by the accident is much more traumatic. Tree care service experts are used to removing trees, so they have already proper tools, the right knowledge of safety, and an edge in doing the job carefully.   

  1. Save Time

Back in the days, when a tree stump is needed to be removed, usually, parents would direct their children out to remove the stump as a chore, or as part of a punishment. Nowadays, you will be having a hard time convincing them to do things they are not interested. Even if they did, it would be very dangerous to hand a child and ax or a power tool of some sort. As a matter of fact, it may take days or even months to remove a tree stump out of your backyard. Most trees continue to grow even though they are being cut down. Thus, it is likely important to remove the tree stump as soon as possible when it already threatens the home. An excellent tree care service company will definitely be able to remove the tree stump out of your yard at once.  

  1. Protect the Environment 

A professional tree removal company also has the knowledge to plant trees correctly. As the weather changes, tree removal must be counterbalanced with planting trees. Some service companies can remove the whole tree and plant another tree elsewhere. And if the company you have chosen cannot do that, you can aid offset the loss of a tree by having another tree planted in your backyard.  


How to Hire an Epoxy Flooring Contractor 

Epoxy floors are constructed by mixing hardener and resin that forms a solid plastic material. This material can withstand the wear and tear of any industrial and commercial buildings. It provides a strong and smooth surface that can last for many years. The commercial and industrial environment has a lot of factors that can cause damage to industrial floors like heavy equipment, vibrations and sounds.  

 Epoxy Flooring Contractor

This environment, indeed, needs floor maintenance. But this maintenance can be reduced when epoxy flooring is applied. If it makes you comfortable, you can hire Epoxy Flooring Contractors to do the application of epoxy flooring. The problem now is how to look for one. Follow the tips below.  


  1. Ask for References There are a lot of epoxy contractors in your area and choosing one of them could be overwhelming. It’s difficult to choose the right company but you can do your part by making a research. First, you should be able to determine what kind of epoxy floor coating that suits your building. Second, ask the contractors on what area they specialize.  Ask your prospect about the number of years they have been in the business, because the number of years can be tantamount to number of experiences they have. Ask other commercial or industrial building owners who have done epoxy flooring installation on their floors. Check their websites for the services they offer. Get all the information necessary for you to decide.
  2. Right Tools and Equipment We now live in a world where everything is innovated. Advanced tools and equipment are developed for various purposes. That’s why, when hiring an epoxy contractor, you should make sure that they have the best set of equipment. It’s more likely that they’re going to complete a flooring project faster than those with outdated tools. This will ensure you that the job will be done correctly.  
  3. Cost Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, you’ll still do anything to save money. However, don’t just hire an epoxy flooring contractor for their low charge. An industrial space renovation is done very often, so you really have to make sure it’s worth the money and time. The best way to guarantee that it would be worth it is look for the records of the company who successfully completed quality jobs. Compare the cost of each company and go for the one that makes you comfortable.
  4. Insurance  The industrial working space is naturally hazardous because of heavy equipment movement and presence of toxic chemicals. You will never know, something can go wrong upon installation of the epoxy floor.  The best way to minimize the risk of hazard is to personally ask the contractors about their insurance. Quality contractors always have insurance to cover any liability that might happen on the timeframe of their job. Unexpected accidents can be taken care of because of their insurance policy.  

Follow the tips we mentioned above and you will be secured on the contractor you hired.